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Welcome to Our Website

It's a pleasure to have you viewing our site. Please feel welcome look around and most importantly if you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, open you heart to where God is leading you today.

Jamesville Community Food Pantry
The Friendly Spot
The Community Cross Gardens

"The Friendly Spot" is Jamesville's new Community Enrichment Center.    Please check out their    Facebook page for updates and happenings.  The    Community Lunch Meals  are every second Monday in thr month, this    is  a    great time for Free Lunch and Special Fellowship.

In addition to other happenings... the ministry of

"Uncle Bud's Knitters" are meeting every Thursday 

at 12:30   pm.   Join the fun in learning  to make hats,    scarves and many other items. 

"The Love of a Church Family"

Cleck here for the latest brochure for our Community Food Pantry & Enrichment Center
A Morning Prayer

Father, who is in Heaven,

Thank you for waking me up to a brand new day.

Give me a fresh start so that I may walk in your strength and purpose for my life.  Use me to glorify your kingdom.

Forgive me for my faults from yesterday and help me to walk closer to your side today.

Help me to radiate your light to everyone I meet, that they  may see your love through me.  

Guide my every step,

I cannot make it through the day

without you.  I love you with all my heart!

In Jesus' name I pray,


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